Kinder im Hörsaal

Dear kids

Dear children and parents, we are happy about the first lecture of November 6th on the question "Why do airplanes fly?

Please note: Auditorium and broadcast auditorium

We have received a lot of registrations this year - also for the lecture series.

For this reason, we have organized a transmission auditorium (Y24-G-55) in addition to the large auditorium (Y24-G-45). It is located in the immediate vicinity of the lecture hall and offers sufficient space. The children also have the opportunity to address their questions to the lecturer in the broadcast auditorium. If there are no more places in the auditorium, the broadcast auditorium is a good alternative.

Lecture series
The lecture series starts on 6 November and takes place four times each Wednesday until 27 November. If you are accepted, you will receive a Legi from us.


Please note: The workshops are very popular, so we collect the registrations, and then the draw decides. If you are accepted, you will receive a Legi from us.

We do not send cancellations.

Spring semester 2020

Next semester we will continue with an interesting program. The programme will be published here on the website in mid-December. You can register at the beginning of January 2020!

The lecture series and the workshops are in German.