Kinder im Hörsaal

Dear kids

To the program

The autumn semester 2018 of the Children's University of Zurich has been completed.

In spring semester 2019 a new exciting program with a lecture series and many workshops is waiting for you.

The lecture series starts on 6 March 2019 and will take place four times on consecutive Wednesday afternoons. (All lectures are in German).

The workshops will take place on different days. Please have a look at this website. (Also all workshops are in German this semester).

The program for the lecture series and the workshops will be online in mid-December 2018.

You can register for the lecture series from 11 January 2019.

There is a registration deadline for the workshops from 11 January to 21 January 2019. Please note: The workshops are very popular, we collect all registrations and then draw the places.