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“It wasn’t good, it was very, very, very good” (said one happy child)

Dear 3rd to 6th Graders

In the fall semester 2017, we are once again offering a series of fascinating lectures and interesting workshops. The new program will be published online in mid-July 2017.
You can register for the lecture series and workshops at the end of August / beginning of September. Workshops will also be available in English so that English-speaking children can also attend the Children’s University.

Taking part is free!


About the Children’s University of Zurich

The Children’s University of Zurich is designed to help and guide you in your quest for answers and explanations to all the different phenomena in the world. To do this, the Children’s University of Zurich organizes lectures and courses every Spring and Fall Semester in which experts answer all kinds of interesting questions from a academic point of view.

The Children’s University of Zurich is available to elementary schoolchildren from 3rd to 6th grade.

Your place is free of charge thanks to funding by Biogen, Siemens and Swiss Re Foundation, and many other sponsors and donors.

We want to know what you think! Please send us any kind of feedback. The best way is by mail to: kinderuniversitaet@wb.uzh.ch

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